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how amazing Orcas actually are…


an easy question based off the video…


Southern Resident Orcas from extinction…

1 See how amazing Orcas actually are

2 True or false: Orcas use different languages of vocalization among their social groups.

3 Save Southern Resident Orcas from extinction

Orcas are one of the ocean’s most iconic symbols. They’re intelligent, sociable mammals about whom human beings are learning new things each and every day.

But Southern Resident Orcas are facing extinction.


Southern Resident Orcas feed primarily on Chinook salmon. According to the EPA, just over 485,000 Chinook salmon were reported to be in the Salish Sea in 2010 – a 60% reduction since 1984.

As the salmon population has struggled, so has the Southern Resident Orca population. Today, there are only 75 Southern Resident Orcas remaining.

Please consider taking one more step today so that Southern Resident Orcas can receive reliable support and be saved from extinction.

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