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how amazing sea turtles truly are…


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what threatens sea turtles most…

What Threatens Sea Turtles Most: It’s our insatiable appetite for seafood. Sea turtles themselves aren’t being targeted for human consumption, though. Instead, these innocent bystanders become entangled in drift gillnets – mile-long nets used to target seafood commonly consumed by humans, including swordfish.

Drift gillnets have taken the lives of so many that they’ve earned the nickname, “Walls of Death”. And sea turtles aren’t the only large ocean animal to fall victim to drift gillnets. So do whales, and dolphins, and seals, and sharks.

Oceana is working diligently to protect these beautiful animals. A crucial step of this fight is ensuring accurate documentation of all species caught in drift gillnets – something the National Marine Fisheries Service eerily refuses to implement.

While your completion of these three steps has helped fund the protection of imperiled habitat, the survival of large ocean animals like sea turtles depends on whether or not we human beings think their lives are worth saving. Please consider increasing your impact by visiting Oceana today.

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