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The wildfire called Camp Fire in Northern California was the deadliest in the state’s history. Alley Cat Allies has been working to save cats’ lives following the fire and to ensure that cats who were separated from their families get reunited.

Complete the three steps below to learn about Alley Cat Allies’ important work to save cats’ lives and, for a limited time, GreaterGood will provide lifesaving food supplies for animals.


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Even though it’s been months since the Camp Fire devastated huge swathes of Northern California, there are still many, many cats that need our support. Alley Cat Allies continues to work with local organizations, helping to provide lifesaving care that’s so desperately needed and reuniting cats with their families.

While your completion of these three steps has led to the funding of lifesaving food supplies for animals, please consider directly supporting the efforts of Alley Cat Allies.

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